Camel Beaded Box Pattern


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I designed this camel beaded box as part of my beaded Nativity set. In some of the gallery images, you can see the camels with the Three Kings. So, if you would like to make other parts of the set, please use this link to get that beading pattern as well.

Now, let me tell you a little more about the camels…


As I was making these camels to match my existing Nativity set, I used size 10 Delica beads. This creates a camel that is about 4.5″ tall and 4.5″ long.

Now, if you prefer to use 11/0 Delicas, you can. I’ve included guidance for that in the tutorial.

You will also be using a few seed beads for reins, tail and mane. Again, I’ve included details within the tutorial.

I’ve also included the exact Delica colour codes that I used. So, you can follow my colouring (I’ve included instructions for all three of the designs you see here). Or, you can choose your own. I used colours that would allow me to match my camels to my Kings.

You should use a beading thread that will give you excellent tension. My recommendation is Fireline – either 4lb or 6lb.

I have also suggested that you provide extra support for the legs by using a dowel or some stiff wire to strengthen them. This isn’t essential, but you may find it helpful, especially if your beading tension tends to be a little loose.

Experience and Techniques

This is a very advanced beading project. You will be using some free-form elements, and, although I have tried to guide you, you will have to use your own common sense and initiative throughout the project.

You are also going to be working in tubular and circular peyote and using a few different increase techniques. So, you should be VERY experienced in Peyote stitch before you start this.

I have included links to additional blogs and tutorials to help you with some of the basic techniques. But, if you come across problems, I am expecting you to solve them on your own. Regrettably, I cannot offer additional help with this pattern.

About the Camel Beaded Box

As I’ve already mentioned, this project is designed to fit with my beaded Nativity set. As all the other elements in the set are beaded boxes, so is this camel. You will have seen in the video, the hump section lifts off to reveal storage space inside the body. This is sufficient to hold something small, like a reel of nymo.

If you choose to make your camel with 11/0 Delicas, then the storage space may become impractical to use. So, please bear that in mind before making your bead choice.

The tutorial gives you 34 pages of written instructions. I have included diagrams and photos to support these where I can. But you do need to be very good at following written instructions if you want to complete this. So, this pattern may not be for all beaders. If you do choose it, then I hope you will enjoy personalising your camels to suit your tastes or your Kings!

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