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Fundraising for DEC Ukraine Appeal

Fundraising for DEC Ukraine appeal, Tutu Beaded Box by Katie Dean, Beadflowers

Like many of you, I have found it heart-breaking to be watching images of the war in Ukraine. So, I decided that, rather than sitting around feeling helpless, I would try and do something. I know I can’t stop the war, but I can support those who are there on the ground, offering aid to the people affected. So, I decided to try fundraising for DEC Ukraine appeal.

Fundraising for DEC Ukraine appeal

Just briefly, for anyone who doesn’t know about the DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee), this is a collective raising funds for emergencies, which are then distributed to the individual charities on the ground. So, it feels like a good way to ensure the money raised is sent where it is most needed.

Having decided to try and help, my next question was how?

Well, beading is the answer to most things. So, it felt right to use my beading for this as well. And, to cut a long story short, I have created a brand new beading tutorial that I am selling exclusively to raise money for this charity.

(In other words, this tutorial is NOT available anywhere else, and I am not earning a penny from it: I have donated my time and beads to create the project, and 100% of sales will be going to the fundraising).

This is the tutorial…I

It makes a beaded box in the design of a little ballet tutu. The finished size is about 3.5″ wide and high. As you can see, it opens on a hinge, revealing great storage space inside.

The project uses mostly Peyote stitch (tubular and circular), but I added some basic netting as well. (I will explain why in just a moment). You will be working with size 10 delicas and size 11 seed beads.

The pattern is suitable for intermediate to advanced beaders, but I have also linked to online classes and free tutorials that teach the basic beading techniques. So, if you are newer to beading, you can definitely give this a try!

So, if you would like this pattern, and like to support the relief effort, please follow this link.

Inspiration behind the project

So, what inspired this idea for my fundraising efforts?

Well, to be honest, the beading projects that sell best are my beaded boxes. So, as I want to raise maximum funds, I needed to make something that would appeal widely.

(No pressure then! I don’t know if I have succeeded, but we will find out…)

So, having decided on a beaded box, the next question was what type of box?

Well, my personal links to the Ukraine are through the world of ballet. Two of my favourite dancers that I’ve watched over many years, here in London, were both trained at Kyiv’s National Ballet School in the Ukraine. (Alina Cojocaru – originally from Romania – and Ivan Putrov – from Ukraine).

I have loosely had in mind to make a tutu beaded box for a while. So, this seemed to be the prompt I needed.

Then, of course, I could use the Ukraine colours for the design.

You may also be aware that Ukraine has a wonderful tradition of beading. I confess I don’t know as much about it as I should, but when I think of Ukrainian style beadwork, I think of beautiful netted designs.

So, again, it made sense to be using beads to raise money to help. And I wanted to make a nod to the tradition, by including some netting techniques to decorate the tutu skirt.

How can you help?

If you like this project, or even if you have no desire to make a tutu, but would just like to support the fundraising for DEC Ukraine appeal, here is what you can do…

Follow this link to pop over to the fundraising page.

Make your donation, and I will then email you a link to the tutu beaded box tutorial.

Please also spread the word to other beaders (or anyone else) who might be interested in helping.

I realise I have set a pretty ambitious target for a single beading pattern, but fingers crossed… We are off to a good start in the first few hours since setting up the page, so a huge thank you to those who have donated already. Will you be next to help?

I am very grateful to everyone who helps here. Thank you so much!

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