Beaded Nativity Pattern Set for Beaded Boxes


  • This pattern will give you 50 pages of instructions to make Mary, Joseph, Crib, Shepherds and Kings. Note: the Angel is a separate pattern, not included in the full set
  • You get over 50 diagrams and over 60 photos to accompany the written instructions
  • Also includes technique guide to remind you of the basics
  • You get a special discount coupon to use on beads
  • Choose whether to buy the full set in one pattern or just Mary, Joseph and Crib (34 pages), or Kings (31 pages) or Shepherds (26 pages). Add on the Angel to any of these options (19 pages).
  • You will receive the pattern as an automatic download on your receipt. Please remember to check your spam folder if you can’t find the receipt in your inbox. You can also log in to your account on this website to access and download your pattern, or email me if you are having problems.
  • If this project isn’t for you, find something better here>>
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This beaded Nativity pattern gives you designs for Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, Two Shepherds and Three Kings. Each little character has a removeable head so you can store gifts in the body (or turn their heads to let them talk to one another!).

Or, if you don’t like this idea, the pattern also shows you how to create normal beaded figures.

The figures each measure about 4″ (10cm) in height.

You may also enjoy the Angel beaded box that can be used with this beaded Nativity set.

Plus, I now have some sheep beaded boxes available as both a pattern and a kit. See the pattern here (that links to the kit).

If you want to include the donkey, then you can use this link to get that pattern.


You will need a selection of the following beads:

  • Size 10/0 Delicas
  • Size 11/0 seed beads
  • Delicas in size 11/0
  • Size 15/0 seed beads and Delicas
  • 4mm pearls
  • 4mm cubes

Plus your choice of beading thread. I chose to use Fireline, but you can choose whatever thread you like best. You just need something that is strong and will give good tension. Your pattern includes a special discount coupon which you can use to buy all these materials here>>

As with most of my beaded boxes, I have used size 10/0 Delicas for the beaded Nativity pattern. However, I have also included some advice about what to do if you really want to use size 11/0 instead.

Experience and Techniques

This is an advanced pattern. But I have given you 50 pages of instructions with over 50 diagrams and over 60 photos to show you the steps, thread paths and details. I have also included a basic technique guide to remind you or help you with all the techniques used. So, with all this detail, you can try this project at any level.

You are going to be working primarily in Peyote stitch. I have also used some basic Herringbone. And you will need to work in some freeform, but I have guided you through this.

About the Beaded Nativity Pattern

I always like to try and cater for all tastes. So, I have given you a few options for purchasing this pattern. The characters are all based upon a single idea. So, it made sense to write a single pattern, giving the specific details for each character.

I did think about selling each character as an individual project, but this seemed a little unhelpful. I mean, who decides they’re just going to make Mary and nobody else?

However, I can appreciate that you may not want the full set. Or maybe your budget means you would rather purchase the set in stages. So, I am also offering you the opportunity to purchase the beaded Nativity pattern in small chunks. You can get just Mary, Joseph and the Crib. Or, just the shepherds. Or just the Kings.

I do also plan to make animals and maybe even a stable to complete my set. So, I will sell those patterns on here separately. Just keep an eye out for them!

History and inspiration

I originally made a beaded Nativity pattern as a kit for Jewellery Maker TV in 2017. Since I didn’t own the rights to this, I wasn’t able to publish the pattern myself. So, after a lot of interest, I decided to try another idea. So, you will see this pattern is very different from my original designs!

I also want to draw your attention to the fact that there are lots of beautiful beaded Nativity patterns on the market. The favourite that I’ve seen is this work of art on Etsy. So, if my project isn’t for you, this could be one to bear in mind!

Additional information


Full Nativity Set, Mary, Joseph & Crib, Three Kings, Two Shepherds, Angel