Choose Materials

Are you looking to de-stash a little? Then choose materials that you want to use and browse for a pattern that needs those beads.

How to choose materials

I have kept this option choice quite broad. So, let me explain. I think the ‘seed beads choose materials’ option is fairly obvious. This would be for projects that use only cylinder or rocaille seed beads.

But what if you have some Superduos to use? Well, these are two-holed beads. So, you can check out that option. However, this would also include more varieties of two-holed beads. So, if you are looking to browse just for a specific bead, remember, you can use the ‘Tags’. You will find these in the right-hand sidebar on every page. Just pick out the tag for the specific bead you want to use.

For example, if you need to use up some Honeycomb beads, go straight to the tag for that. You’ll be taken to select all my projects that use those beads.