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Bead shop closing down – free beading pattern with every order

Bead shop closing down on Beadflowers at the end of March 2022

Back at the end of 2021, I hinted that I would be making a few changes this year. So, here is the first big change. My bead shop closing down on the Beadflowers website. Now, don’t panic – I’m only talking about the stuff that I ship. So, that is beads and beading supplies, books and kits. Online classes and most of my beading patterns are not affected.

Some of you, who have been following me for a while, will know that I actually started this process a while ago. So, you will have noticed that most of  my bead books are already only available direct from the publisher, not through me. So, that won’t change anything.

You will also have noticed that I have already sold off most of my beading kits. So, this is your last chance to grab any odd kits that might be left. You can browse all of them at this link. As you will see, a lot of kits are already sold out, and I will not be re-stocking them. So, you need to grab whatever is left before it disappears!

Bead Shop Closing Down

Then, I have my main ‘bead’ shop. That includes beads (obviously!), some thread, wire, beadable pens and needle cases, plus other odds and ends that you may need to use for beading projects.

All of these are going to disappear for good on 28th March 2022. So, if you enjoy making pens or needlecases, or you want the best wire for French beading, make sure you grab these items while you still can.

Similarly, I have a large range of beads available. Some of these are beads that aren’t so easy to get hold of now. So, make sure you grab all that you can before they disappear on 28th March.

Whilst I would love to sell out on everything, I am going to be closing the shipped items for good on 28th March, even if there are still things left in stock. So, it’s not a case of me discounting to sell things. Whatever is left on 28th March, I will just keep and use for myself in future projects.

Once again, the big message is, grab it now or lose it forever at the end of March!

Why is my bead shop closing down?

Very simply, because there is no demand for it any more. I used to sell a lot of beads and materials to people who had purchased my patterns and wanted supplies to make them.

For the past couple of years, that has not been the case. So, it’s really back to that old adage… Use it or lose it! You (in general) have demonstrated that you do not want to use this part of the Beadflowers website any more. And that is absolutely fine. I’m not complaining!

But the fact is, it costs me money to run the software that calculates shipping. And now most people are not buying shipped items, I’m no longer covering the costs of that. Plus, it costs a lot to finance the stock. Again, this is no problem when people are buying things. But when they stop, it becomes a case of me spending money that I cannot afford.

So, put very simply, I am choosing to stop spending money on things that you, my customers, don’t want to buy.

Free Beading Pattern!

Now, I am grateful to those of you who have supported me. So, to say thank you as my bead shop closes, I am going to be including a free (printed) beading pattern with every single order that requires shipping between now and 28th March 2022.

I will choose a pattern that is suitable for your order. So, if you have bought some delicas from me, I’ll include a pattern that uses delica beads. If you bought Silky beads, I’ll include one of my patterns using those beads, and so on.

I’m afraid I cannot take requests for specific patterns. So, if I happen to send you something you already have, I apologise – but it is free!

So, I invite you to start shopping the bead shop now and grab what you can while it is still available! Follow this link to begin browsing.

While we are talking patterns, I also mentioned in my plans that I will be retiring some beading patterns for good, later in the year. I will give you plenty of notice before this actually happens.

But there is one pattern that I have definitely decided to retire. And it just so happens that it is appropriate to this time of year. So, I don’t have a final retirement date for this one at the moment. But if it is something you want to make, please make sure you grab your copy of the Valentines Cupcake beaded box now… Because it’s not going to be around for much longer! Click here to get the pattern.

Don’t be sad about the bead shop closing down…

So, yes, this is all about change. But just remember, change isn’t only about loss, it also brings new and better opportunities.

My bead shop closing down now is about giving you the opportunity to grab some supplies, enjoy a free beading pattern on me. And, as I reveal more of my plans throughout 2022, I think you’ll find this is just about making room for even better things. (For starters, have you noticed how much bigger and better my Etsy store has grown recently? If not, check it out at this link).

So, go and indulge in a little bead shopping between now and 28th March, and see which pattern(s) you are gifted with alongside your beads! You can find all the items that are still available, but going soon, at this link.

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