Sheep Beaded Box Pattern


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This sheep beaded box can be used as a standalone project. Or, you might want to use it as part of a Nativity set. I have scaled the sheep and created the design to match the Shepherds in my Nativity pattern.


Your sheep beaded box needs the following materials:

  • Size 10 Delicas
  • Size 11 Delicas
  • 2.8mm Miyuki drops
  • Your choice of beading thread

I have these materials available in my beading supplies department. I also have kits available for this project here>>

And, to answer the question that everyone will ask… Yes, you can use just size 11 delicas for this. I did a little experiment as I wasn’t sure how the bead size would fit with the drops. Happily, both 10 and 11 Delicas work with the drops. So, take a look at the photo of the two sheep to see the difference in size you get from your choice of delicas.

Experience and Techniques

The sheep beaded box is suitable for advanced beaders. I say this because mixing the different types of beads makes this all a lot trickier. So, you should be very confident in Peyote stitch before you attempt this.

If you do want to make life easier, you can use just Delica beads and forget the drops. All that will happen is your sheep will lose the texture that I intended to indicate wool!

So, as you have just gathered, the majority of this project uses Peyote stitch. I have included a little basic Herringbone and freeform for the features. But everything is clearly explained in diagrams and I have included some detailed photos to help illustrate the process too.

About the Sheep beaded box

The main (only?) reason I decided to make a sheep beaded box was to go in my Nativity set. I confess to being a little nervous at the prospect of trying this 3-D animal. But it didn’t prove to be too scary.

So, I now have a little flock of sheep!

You don’t have to make your sheep into a box. I only used this because boxes are becoming my signature and also the rest of the Nativity set is made from boxes. I have ended up with two sheep boxes and two sheep figures. So, in the pattern, I explain how to make your sheep as a normal 3D ornament if you prefer.

This new addition now gives me the chance to set up the scene where the Angel appeared to the Shepherds in the field. So, if you want to do the same, you can find my Angel pattern on this website, or in my Etsy store>>

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