Beading Courses


If you’re looking to improve your beading skills, or try a project online, then check out my beading courses.

Please browse through to find what you need. I can offer you beading courses for different levels of experience. So, maybe you are wanting to learn a new technique… One of the beginner level courses will be perfect for that.

Or maybe you are building on skills you already have. So, pick the skill that you need to learn and then dive right in.

I’m adding to the beading courses all the time. So, if there is something you’d like to see, let me know and I’ll build a course around it.

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How beading courses can help you

All the courses are 100% online. So, you can follow along at your own pace in your own time. They include exercises for you to try. Plus you get the opportunity to ask me if you get stuck. So, although I’m not in the room with you, I’m still on hand to help.

You can also interact with other students on the course. Start up conversations, reply, and help each other through any tricky bits.

I’ve included quizzes to keep things fun. So, you can check what you know and see where you need to learn more.

You get lifetime access to these courses. So, you don’t even have to ‘learn’ everything at once. We all forget things if we’re not using them on a daily basis. But that’s no problem. Just go back and revise the information you need from the course at any time.

But don’t take my word for this! I’ve got lots of happy students who can testify to how much these courses have helped them grow their beading skills.

Linda says:

“Thank you so much Katie for these wonderful tutorials and explanations. I have bookmarked the page and will be using it over and over as a wonderfully helpful resource.”

If you have any questions, you’re welcome to contact me.