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Sweet Treats and Savoury Snacks for IBW2022

Sweet Treats and Savoury snacks online beading class for international beading week 2022, with Katie Dean

With only four weeks until International Beading Week 2022 kicks off, I would like to invite you to a special event that I will be hosting. Do you enjoy sweet treats and savoury snacks? How about if they’re calorie-free?

Well, consider this your personal invitation to an online beading party that is full of yummy beaded food!

As you may know, I like to do a big online beading class or event to celebrate beading week each year. (Last year it was the Beaded Bee Hotel). This year, I want to celebrate a couple of anniversaries. And since it is your support that has made these possible, I would love to celebrate them with you.

Two ten-year anniversaries

Although I have been beading since 2003, I only took this from a hobby to a full-time career in 2012. So, this year marks the tenth anniversary of my career in beading.

That same year, I also published my first book, Sweet Treats. So, that means 2022 is also the tenth anniversary of the book.

Now, writing Sweet Treats was a very special time for me. The process was all about celebrating the new direction my life was taking. At the time, I was also seeing a marked improvement in my health, after ten years on sick leave with CFS/ME. So, I used the book as a way to celebrate this new opening, and also thank the many friends and family members who had supported me whilst I was struggling with my health.

The resulting book (you can find it here), still brings me joy when I open the pages. And I know it has brought joy to a lot of you too, so that is very humbling to think about.

Now, it turns out that this was just the beginning of my fascination with creating beaded food.

In fact, it wasn’t so much the beginning, as a progression of an obsession. Even before the book, I had created a set of miniature beaded cakes, and diverse projects like my Mr Whippy pendant!

Anyway, I didn’t stop creating food after publishing Sweet Treats. Instead, I found myself inspired to create more and more. More sweet treats and savoury snacks then followed.

Some of these were requests from others (like this Pastrami on Rye beaded box). Many projects just popped into my head as something appealing to create (thinking particularly of the Blackforest Gateau cake slice!).

(You can also find these beading patterns in my Etsy store at this link.)

Sweet Treats and Savoury Snacks Online Beading Class

So, in celebration, I decided to bring all of this together into one incredible online beading class. I’m calling it (very original, I know!) the Sweet Treats and Savoury Snacks beading class. And it brings you over 40 (yes, you did read that correctly!) beading projects. And, since you can work through this in your own time, at your own pace, and you have life-time access, this is going to be a treat to enjoy forever!

I wonder what you might expect to pay for such a feast of beading?

Well, I’m treating you here…even at full price, this is going to be an enormous bargain. But between now and the end of beading week, you’ll be able to get it on special offer. So, follow this link to find out more.

And that’s not all! I have a second special offer for those of you who are quick off the mark and join as soon as possible…

Sweet Treats and Savoury Snacks online beading class with Katie Dean

Just a few of the projects you already have available inside the online beading class.

A very special offer

I have just a few copies of Sweet Treats book left, and I’m not going to be re-printing it. But I have saved those copies to give as gifts to the first people who join the class.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, I will ship a copy of the book to you after you have enrolled… But only as long as my book stocks last. So, you’ll need to be quick to enjoy that gift!

Here’s the link to find out more and join the class.

Brand new, exciting projects launching in beading week

Now, in spite of the fact that I’ve put together this amazing menu of beaded food for you to enjoy, I wouldn’t leave you without something new!

So, during International Beading Week 2022, I will be adding three completely new projects into the online class. These are all brand new patterns that I have designed this year. And I’ve designed them with a special theme in mind.

Yes, of course they will fit the beaded food theme (in fact, they will satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth). But they are also designed to create a set of accessories for your beading space. So, you will end up with:

  • A needle case
  • Holder for your scissors
  • Storage boxes for thread and beads

Curious? Well, I’m afraid that’s all I can reveal before beading week. But if you’re enrolled on the class, you’ll be the first to get these projects! And I can already tell you, they are making me smile as I sit here and look at them next to my beading mat.

So, I hope that has whetted your appetite (yes, pun intended…lol!). If it has, then I invite you to follow this link, check out all the information and join the online class. And I will look forward to enjoying a great beading menu with you once you are inside!

Decorate Beaded Cakes Competition for International Beading Week 2022, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

Quick reminder…

Don’t forget about the other exciting plans I’ve been lining up for International Beading Week 2022. Firstly, there’s the Decorate a Beaded Cake competition, with its amazing prizes. So, you can check that out and find out how to enter at this link.

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