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Discounts on Online Beading Classes

Discounts on online beading classes, Katie Dean, Beadflowers, My World of Beads online beading school

New for 2022! How would you like to get 20% off any of my online beading classes…any of the time? Well, my new referrals scheme offers you just that…discounts on online beading classes for you and all your beading buddies. The discounts can be used on any class and have no expiry date. So, how does this referral scheme work?

How to get your discounts on online beading classes

If you are an existing member of my online beading school, My World of Beads on the Teachable platform, you are already set up to start getting your discounts.

If you’re not yet a member, you can just follow this link and join the school, and immediately start earning discounts to use on any of my classes.

Once you have your account set up, or as an existing member, here’s how to start earning your discount.

Step 1

If you are logged in, you can either go direct into your account, and click on the Refer a Friend option. Or, if you are not in your account, just click on the little ‘head’ icon at the top right of your screen (red arrow in the photo)…

Discounts on online beading classes, Katie Dean, Beadflowers, My World of Beads Beading School

…this will bring up the drop-down menu shown. Click on the Refer a Friend option…green arrow in the photo above.

This will take you into your account and directly into the referrals page. Everything you need is in there. So, let me explain how that works…

Step 2

Your referrals page looks like this…

My World of Beads Referrals Page

You can see the referrals page highlighted in your account menu on the left. The top section on the main page gives you the link that you need to share.

So, let’s imagine you want to share this with your beading buddies on social media. You would click on the button that says ‘Copy URL’ (indicated by the red arrow in the photo above).

Then, go to your social media page, write your post, and paste the link. (Usually, you can use the paste command, which is CTRL+V on a laptop or CMD+V on a Mac operating system). When you have added the link, share your post.

If you want to send this to a friend, via email, the process is the same. Just click on the button to copy the URL, then paste it into the email with your message.

Then, when your friend clicks on the link, they will be taken to browse all the classes in my school. They will automatically get 20% off the class that they choose. And, as soon as they purchase, you will then receive your 20% discount code.

This will appear in the lower section on your referrals screen – indicated by the green arrow.

In the photo, the user hasn’t earned any discounts yet. But when they do, the discount will appear as a code that you can copy and paste into the coupon box when you check out. So, you can use that code to get your discount on whichever online class you choose next.

Which classes does this apply to?

All of them! I have over 40 from which to choose (January 2022) and I have more to add. So, if you are good at sharing with your beading buddies, you can earn enough to get 20% off every single class you want! And your beading buddies can enjoy their discounts as well.

Click here to see my full range of online classes

So everyone is a winner! You and your friends can all enjoy more discounts on online beading classes. And even if you haven’t yet taken any classes, you can start earning discounts now. Just sign up on the beading school and start sharing your unique referrals link! It couldn’t be simpler…So I look forward to welcoming you into a class very soon.

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