Mixed Techniques

I have defined the patterns in this category as ‘mixed techniques’ because they each use a combination of different techniques. In some cases I have found it tricky to decide where best to categorise a pattern. I set up the mixed techniques to give a home to those projects where you will be using a range of skills. You will see a lot of these projects also appear under other categories as well. You can find different skill levels in amongst these projects. However, as a general rule, these mixed techniques will suit beaders who have tried a few different styles… Or they are perfect if you want to learn a lot of different techniques in one project.


All my patterns are protected under UK copyright law. They are intended for personal use only. You are welcome to sell finished beadwork that you have made using my patterns, but please name me as the designer. It is illegal for you to copy a pattern in order to give it to someone else, or to share this pattern online. If you wish to teach a class using one of my patterns, you need a license, so please contact me to arrange this.

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