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2022 Beading Plans from Katie Dean

2022 beading plans from Katie Dean, Beadflowers

Well, here we are, almost at the end of another year. A time to reflect, and a time to look forward. So, what are my 2022 beading plans? (Just to be clear, that is plans for the year 2022, not 2022 different projects…!)

Thank you for your support in 2021

I said this is a time to reflect. So, I am reflecting on the wonderful support I have received from all of you throughout 2021. I hope I have managed to provide you with plenty of beading entertainment. What were your highlights?

If you remember, we started back in January with a celebratory month of beaded chocolate and candy. (If you need a reminder, this is the link to follow…)

My next highlight has to be the month I shared with the Seed Beads and More group on Facebook. We were exploring beaded spirals, covering everything from staircases to Peyote and Herringbone. I had a lovely time creating different variations and building up from beginner to advanced level. And, of course, that also gave me plenty of new spiral patterns to share on here and in my Etsy store…

Fast forward a few months, and my next stand-out moment has to be International Beading Week. It was full of fun and camaraderie! Not to mention beads, and of course…the Bee Hotel…

How many of you tried your hand at one of those? And how many are completed? I have to confess, mine is still a WIP…I got side-tracked by my next fun beading adventures…

You see, Christmas is one of my favourite themes for beading…you may have noticed this! And this year, I found myself particularly inspired by Superduos.

Were you someone who made a Gnome or a Penguin? Or, are they still on your wish list?

Fun as it is to look back, this is also a time to look forwards…

2022 Beading Plans

So, what will 2022 bring?

Definitely some progression from the last year. I hugely expanded my Etsy store in 2021, and I plan to continue doing that during 2022. In fact, I have just added my Lipstick Needle Case Beaded Box. Is that one you’ve tried yet?…If not, why not grab a pattern here?

I am also contemplating retiring some patterns permanently. I haven’t yet confirmed which these will be. But I will just say, if you have items on your wish list, make sure you buy them now…or there is a possibility they may be lost forever…

So, while I contemplate that, and sort things through, I have no plans to publish any more tutorials for a while. I thought you could all do with a chance to catch up and buy and make the 500+ designs that I have available right now!

I am going to be spending some time on a non-beading project as we start 2022. This is going to be something in which some of you will be very interested… So, I will leave you with that cliff-hanger, and share more when I can.

I do still have some beading projects in mind for later in the year. In fact, if you want a few clues, follow this link to find out more…

So, let me leave you with a big thank you for your support. The tantalising prospect of new adventures to come! And I hope that 2022 will bring you all that you desire…beading and otherwise!

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