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Sweet Treats Book Beading News

Sweet Treats Book Beading News, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been sharing news of how my beading websites are going to be undergoing some changes this year. As you know, I’m closing the portion of my bead shop that sells physical items. (They are selling fast, so if you haven’t checked this out yet, follow this link). Well, that is going to include my very popular Sweet Treats book. So, from the end of March 2022, that book is no longer going to be available.

Click here to get your copy of the book before it disappears


Why is Sweet Treats book disappearing?

I guess your first question is why am I doing this?

Well, the book is almost sold out anyway, so I am onto my last few copies. So, even if I wasn’t going to stop selling physical items, the stock is almost run out. It basically just makes sense to put an official cut-off date on this. That date is 28th March 2022.

Which means, for any of you who have been wanting a copy of this book, this really is your last chance to get one! (You can find it at this link). Now, I know a lot of my international customers have been finding the shipping cost a barrier. So, I wanted to point out, first of all, that you have options. Yes, the tracked shipping is really expensive. But you don’t have to choose that option at check out – standard shipping will be a LOT cheaper for you!

And the reason why it is so expensive is because this is a really large, heavy book. It may not look it from the photos, but it is printed on top quality paper and gives you over 15 different projects (pretty much a bargain, when you think about the price of buying each project individually!). And don’t take my word for this – I hope Kendra won’t mind me sharing her advice with you:

“I’ve been watching this book for years. First time I saw it was on Amazon for something like $50. Then I found it here. Still, I waited. A little advice: Don’t Wait. The instructions are easy to understand. The photo doesn’t do this book justice. It’s glossy, like a good magazine. It’s thicker than it looks. And inexpensive for all the information in it. So, Don’t Wait. Get it now. You’ll be glad you did.”

A project close to my heart

Now, it is actually a decade since I originally published Sweet Treats book. This was a labour of love that marked my transition into a full-time beading career. It celebrates the friends that supported and inspired me through a difficult time. So, I do not want it to disappear forever.

I am planning to make this into part of a much larger online class that will be arriving later in the Spring. (Check out my online classes at this link).

So, that means all the work and inspiration that I originally put into this labour of love, will not be lost forever. A decade on, my beading has evolved (and is about to go through bigger changes than ever!). So, I see this as an opportunity to expand.

I will be able to add in video tutorials and also projects that were not included in the original book. Naturally, this is going to end up with a more expensive product, but it will also offer you so much more.

And, for anyone who already has a copy of the book, I will be offering access to the online class at a MASSIVE discount, so you will just pay for the new things that are added, not have to pay again for the projects from the original book.

More details on that will follow as I get the class put together. Once again, though, if you just want the book, make sure you buy your copy now, while you still can!

Click here to buy your copy of Sweet Treats book while you can!

What should you do now?

For now, the important message is: if you have ever wanted a copy of Sweet Treats book, this is really your last chance to get it. So, don’t miss out and end up kicking yourself! Instead, just follow this link and grab your copy before they sell out. And take care to select the best shipping option for you, so you don’t have to pay a fortune if you don’t want to!

I have one final favour to ask: can you please share this news widely. I don’t want anyone in the beading community to miss out because they didn’t hear about this. So, please help out your beading buddies and let them know!

And, if anyone does need a sweetener with this, remember, I am including a free beading pattern with every order that ships between now and when I close the beading shop. So, once again, if you want to check that out, here’s the link to find all the items that are being discontinued at the end of March 2022.

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