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Is the Bead Flowers mailing list right for you…? Simply answer these questions to find out…

Do you want to find out about new products from Bead Flowers?

Would you like to benefit from special offers and discounts from Bead Flowers?

Do you want to be the first to hear about new workshops and classes?

Would you like to become a better beader?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any or all of these questions, then please complete the form below to join the Bead Flowers mailing list.

All members get exclusive access to FREE email courses to learn all kind of beading skills. From new techniques, to learning about things like beaded boxes, learning how to design, and so much more. You get to choose what you want to learn and when you want to do it.

More about the Bead Flowers Mailing List

We all join up to mailing lists because it seems like a good idea at the time – or sometimes we’re automatically added. Before we know it, our inboxes are clogged up with information we don’t have time to read. So what can you expect from the Bead Flowers mailing list?

Firstly, once you have completed the subscriber form above, you will receive an email to check that you really did want to subscribe. So just follow the instructions on that and your sign up will be complete. I will then send you a couple of welcome emails. The first will show you how to find everything you need on my websites. The second will allow you to choose your first FREE beading course. You can take that whenever you are ready.

After that, you will receive emails from me monthly or weekly, according to what you requested when you signed up. These includes articles full of beading tips and advice. Plus my latest beading pattern releases. All with links so you can easily check out the beading advice or click on any patterns that you like.

So, I aim to keep everything I send you fun, interesting and relevant. Rest assured, I will not share your contact details with other people. I will not inundate you with offers and hard sells. Just news that I hope you will enjoy as you have expressed an interest in my bead work. And, you always have the option to unsubscribe at any time.

Do you regularly buy beading patterns or take classes?

If so, then you could be interested in my exclusive members club: the Rose Club.

Members of that get all the benefits of my mailing list, plus a set of special discounts that you can use every time you shop.

Your membership package gives you:

  • Ten £2 discount coupons to spend on the Beadflowers website any time
  • Unlimited £2 discount coupons to use in my Etsy store
  • 20% off all online beading classes on My World of Beads school
  • Free shipping on all orders over £30
  • 30% discount on all new beading patterns when they launch

So, here’s how that compares with the normal mailing list benefits…

Beadflowers mailing list Rose Club membership

Club membership costs just $2.50 per month. So, you will easily get that money back as you enjoy your discounts each time you shop. Membership is on an annual basis and will be taken as one annual fee of $30.

If that sounds good, use this link to join all the other Rose Club members and start enjoying your discounts today.


9 thoughts on “Bead Flowers Mailing List

  1. It’s a pleasure! I hope you find the technique sheets helpful – please leave a review to let me know how you get on! Thanks, Katie

  2. Katie, I always look forward to your newsletters and blog posts. I’m either learning something new or seeing a fantastic pattern. I only wish I could keep up and do them all.

  3. Looking forward to your posts.

    1. Thank you – lovely to have you here!

  4. I love your site! One question, im struggling to find the “tags” that you can use to search a specific bead type for a pattern. Specifically im looking for using piggy beads. Any help you can give me would really be appreciated. Im not finding the right side bar stated.. maybe i need to be in my computer bs phone?

    1. Yes- I think the right side bar may only show up on your computer. There should also be a search bar (again, not sure where that appears on your phone), but you can use that if you can see it.

    2. I’m looking forward to bead the christmas beadalong!!!
      Your projects are always awesome!

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