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A Feast of Beads

A feast of beads, Katie Dean's special online event with free beading patterns, discounts, and more, to celebrate international beading week 2022

This is your invitation to join me for a Feast of Beads to celebrate International Beading Week 2022. This is a completely free event, taking place through your email. So, if you want to join up, you will need to follow this link and leave your details.

Now, I’m sure you’ve got questions…

What is a Feast of Beads?

The answer: it is a special event that I’m running throughout International Beading Week 2022. So, that’s daily from 23rd July until 31st July.

If you’ve signed up, then each day I’ll pop into your inbox with a fun email giving you discount vouchers, sale items and a daily quiz. The quiz will include a reward for anyone who gets all nine questions correct. (And, don’t tell anyone, but I’ve made this super-easy – each question has a multiple choice answer, so you don’t have to look too far!)

In addition to all of that, I will also be sharing three free beading patterns throughout the course of the week. These will only be available to people taking part in the event. So, you won’t find them on my website or Etsy store.

If that sounds good, then you just need to leave your details here. Once you’ve done that, settle back and wait for beading week to commence!

What’s in the name?

In case you missed my earlier blog, 2022 is my tenth anniversary as a full-time beader. It’s also the tenth anniversary of the publication of my first (and still favourite!) beading book, Sweet Treats. That book set me on a trend… Creating food from beads!

This habit (obsession?!) started by focusing on cakes, then other sweet items like candies and desserts, but it also branched out into savoury food.

So, this ‘feast’ of food seemed like a good starting point for celebrating ten years of beading designs. Plus, who wouldn’t want a feast of beads?

Sweet Treats and Savoury snacks online beading class for international beading week 2022, with Katie Dean

What else is happening?

Alongside that fun, free event, I’m also running an online class. The main focus will be on beading week – I’ll be releasing three brand new beading designs into the class during the week.

But the class also extends beyond IBW. So, you can actually enrol now and enjoy a great discount, plus get a free copy of Sweet Treats book. And, as you will get to work in your own time, at your own pace, you can continue beading after IBW has finished.

In fact, with over 40 projects available inside the class, this is something you can enjoy for years to come. So, if that sounds good, follow this link to find out more.

Whether you decide to join the class, or just take part in the free event, I look forward to celebrating IBW2022 with you!

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