By Time To Make

In this area, you can search my beading patterns by time to make. So, I have created three broad categories.

Defining the ‘by time to make’ categories

Trying to decide how to categorise my patterns by time to make was not an easy task. So, please take this all with a ‘pinch of salt’.

I have defined the quick projects as things that I would be able to make in an afternoon.

Weekend projects are something that I would expect to complete over a few short beading sessions. So, these should take less than 6 hours (roughly!)

Long projects are much more of a commitment.

However, you will see serious variation within each category. So, please still use your discretion when you are buying the tutorial. I have also based these timings on myself. So, bear in mind, I am an experienced beader who beads fairly fast. I am expert in the techniques and quick at following patterns. So, you may need to make some adjustments to suit yourself. Just treat this as a very loose guide!