Peyote Stitch

These patterns are all made using Peyote stitch. I have tried to classify my beading patterns in various ways to help you search through them. One of those ways is by beading technique. So, in this section, you can find patterns that use Peyote stitch. Some of these are exclusively made with that technique. Others mix Peyote stitch with small amounts of different techniques. You will find patterns for all skill levels and for a range of different projects here.


All my beading patterns are protected under UK copyright law. They are intended for personal use only. You may sell items that you have made using my patterns, but please credit Katie Dean as the designer. It is illegal for you to create a copy of any of my patterns, whether that is to sell, or just to give to a friend. You may not share these pattern instructions online. If you wish to teach a class using one of my patterns, you will need a license. Please contact me to obtain this. Thank you for browsing.

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