Bead Teaching License


Do you facilitate or run a beading group or club? Then you might be looking for projects to teach. Much as I would love to be able to go out and teach my designs in person, that’s just not possible. So, I can offer bead group co-ordinators a bead teaching license that will allow you to teach my projects to your group.

Why do you need a bead teaching license?

All my tutorials are protected by copyright law. (This is true for all beading designers, not just me). So, that means I sell them for personal use only.

Now, if you were to share or teach those tutorials, you would be infringing my copyright and opening yourself up to prosecution.

However, if you have my written permission, provided through one of my licenses, you can then teach the project legally.

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My first workshop at Gerrards Cross Summerschool

How does the license work?

License cost

In order to obtain a bead teaching license from me, you will need to pay a small fee. The fee varies according to the pattern you wish to teach and the number of students in your class.

So, for example, if you wished to teach a tutorial that I sell for £6, to a class of five students, the license fee would be £30 (£6 x 5). If you were teaching a project with a tutorial costing £10, then the fee would be £50.

What does the license allow you to do?

The license allows you to teach the specified class. It is up to you how you teach it. So, you could just give out the copies of my tutorial and then remain on hand to guide students through if they get stuck. Or, you might feel you want to add your own additional demonstrations or other kind of extra help to teach your students the techniques they will need. (If you want to find out more about teaching beadwork, check out this blog).

If you want to teach the project again at another class, you will need to apply for another teaching license for that class – the same rules and payment structure would apply.

I am also happy to help you promote your workshop if you wish. I can include details on my social media pages and in my monthly newsletter if you would like to reach a wider audience. But that is entirely optional.

How do you get a license?

If this sounds good to you, then please fill out the form below to apply for your bead teaching license.

I will then contact you to arrange payment, via Paypal. Once you have made payment, I will email your license and your tutorial to you. I aim to make initial contact within 48 hours. You should see a ‘Message Sent’ note and a copy of the information you submitted, when you submit the form. Please don’t keep submitting the information! If you don’t hear from me within the 48 hours, please send me an email.

Thank you very much. I look forward to being able to help you to spread more beading joy!