What are Dome Beads?

What are Dome beads?…good question… Before I give you the answer, let me introduce my collection of patterns using Dome beads. So, if my explanation tempts you to try these, this is a great place to get started right now.

What are Dome Beads

Dome beads basically look like half a sphere. They come in two sizes: 12mm wide by 7mm high and 14mm wide by 8mm high. Typically, I will use the 14mm size. So, make sure you check your pattern instructions carefully before you buy the beads. There isn’t much difference in size, but it is enough to cause a project to fail if you have the wrong size!

The other important thing to know is that these beads have a single hole through them. It is placed just above the flat base.

So, what are Dome beads used for? Whatever you like! No, seriously, if you want a few ideas, think about designs that are circular and would benefit from a Cabochon. So, these make great flower centres for example.

Don’t forget, I keep coming up with new ideas. So, make sure you check back to see them. And if anyone asks you, ‘what are Dome beads’, you can tell them the answer (or send them on over here…)!

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Showing all 10 results