2011 and earlier


February 2011: Bead Magazine published Katie’s design for miniature iced bun earrings. These were made using a combination of Peyote stitch and Brick stitch and continued Katie’s cake-related theme.

April 2011: Beadworkers’ Guild Journal reviewed Katie’s book and also published her design for a chocolate gateau pendant. Katie designed this piece to help promote her book. Once again, it used Peyote stitch, but combined peanut beads, round beads and bugle beads to create the decoration for the gateau.

August 2011: Katie was the ‘featured artist’ in Beadwork magazine. The editor had seen Katie’s book of miniature cakes and was keen to bring her work to the attention of the magazine’s readers. Aside from competition entries, this was Katie’s first publicity in the USA.

February 2010: Bead Magazine published Katie’s design for pineapple earrings. This design combined Katie’s earlier experiments with beaded beads, her love of Peyote stitch and her new obsession with food-themed beading.

July 2010: Katie was awarded her City and Guilds Level 1 Bead Weaving Qualification

October 2010: Katie’s entry, ‘My Little Cake Shop’ was awarded second place in the seed bead non-jewellery category and voted best in show at the British Bead Awards. This arrangement of miniature occasion cakes featured designs from Katie’s upcoming first book.

December 2010: Katie published her first book of beaded designs, ‘Let’s Celebrate: miniature beaded cakes for all occasions’. This featured designs for replica cakes to celebrate different occasions, making wonderful gifts and keepsakes, all made using Peyote stitch.

April 2009: Bead Magazine published Katie’s design for a daisy inspired necklace. This combined brick stitch leaves with daisy flowers made from teardrop beads. Each group of leaves and flowers was linked with a section of gold chain.

Spring 2009: Katie entered the Beadworkers’ Guild annual challenge with a 7” birthday cake made using Peyote stitch. This design reflected the theme for the challenge, ‘Let’s Celebrate’, in recognition of the Guild’s tenth anniversary. Although the piece was not awarded a prize, it sparked the idea that would later lead to publication of Katie’s first book in December 2010.

Spring 2009: Katie’s entry, ‘Bead Fantasies’ was announced as a winner in the Beadwork Magazine ‘Beaded Book’ competition. This miniature book was made entirely from Peyote stitch. Each page featured a little picture and a few works and the whole book was made to appear as if traditionally bound.

September 2009: Three of Katie’s necklaces were featured in ‘Making Jewellery’ Magazine in the section showcasing readers’ work.

September 2009: Beads and Beyond Magazine published Katie’s design for a daisy key ring.

October 2009: Katie’s first entry into the British Bead Awards, ‘An Afternoon at the Races’ received a special commendation in the Seed Beads non-jewellery category. This miniature picnic set reflects Katie’s love of creating miniature three-dimensional items and combining them into a larger piece. The piece was made using Peyote stitch, brick stitch and bead embroidery.

2009: Katie’s necklace, ‘Peacock’ was included in the Beadworker’s Guild book ‘Celebrating Beadwork’.

October 2008: Beadworkers’ Guild Journal published Katie’s design for Candy Cane Christmas Tree decorations. These were made using a variation of tubular Peyote stitched which mixed bead sizes to create an effect that looks a little like traditional Dutch Spiral.

September 2008: Katie’s entry, ‘Victoriana’ was announced as a winner in the Beads of Whimsy Contest run by the Textile Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

August 2008: Katie’s French beaded wedding bouquets were featured in Crafts Beautiful magazine.

July 2008: Beadworkers’ Guild Journal published Katie’s design for sunflower beaded beads.


Spring 2008: Katie’s piece, ‘Clematis’ reached the semi-finals of the international Swarovski competition, ‘Create Your Style’. Katie created flowers by beading round Swarovski Cabochons, adding petals using Swarovski Crystals and then combined seed beads and crystals to make an asymmetric rope linking these flowers crystal leaf beads. Inspiration for this piece came from a Clematis plant in Katie’s garden.

October 2007: Beadworkers’ Guild Journal published Katie’s design for an Autumn inspired necklace. This piece was made combining brick stitch leaves with Peyote stitch acorns and then linking these and some bead berries using basic wirework techniques. The piece reflects Katie’s love of making individual beaded components that are linked together to form a larger whole.

April 2007: Katie’s entry ‘Dainty Daisy’ was announced as a winner in the Beadwork ‘Beaded Bags’ contest.

April 2007: Katie’s entry ‘Floral Fantasy’ was announced as a finalist in the Beadwork ‘Beaded Bags’ contest.

July 2006: Beadworkers’ Guild Journal published an article Katie had written about how to select the best kind of clasp for a particular jewellery design.

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