January 2014: Katie published her book, ‘Beaded Clasps‘, offering designs for beading your own clasps, plus an exploration of how clasps should feature in a design.

January 2014: The Beadworker’s Guild Journal published Katie’s fish bracelet design – the pattern was developed from Katie’s entry to the BWG Challenge in 2013.

February 2014: Katie’s eighth book, ‘Bead Embellished Cabochons‘ was published. It features techniques for beading around cabochons and other found objects, without creating a backing for them.

February 2014: Bead Magazine commissioned a project for their Valentine’s special. Katie designed a Shabby Chic themed necklace for this issue.

April 2014: Katie’s specially commissioned playing cards project was published in Bead Magazine, the original idea came from her Battle of the Beadsmith entry, ‘High Stakes’.

April 2014: Katie’s Sushi Necklace pattern was featured in Digital Beading Magazine.

May 2014: Bead Magazine commissioned a project for their weddings special and Katie created a French Beaded corsage for the issue.

June 2014: Katie’s Pearl Bubbles necklace featured in Digital Beading Magazine.

June 2014: Katie entered Battle of the Beadsmith with her necklace, ‘In Flanders Field‘, a design to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War.

July 2014: Katie’s project for a bracelet made using Tila beads, with a beaded clasp, appeared in the Beadworker’s Guild Journal, alongside a review of Katie’s Beaded Clasps book.

August 2014: Katie was invited to become editor of Bead Magazine and accepted the post, working freelance alongside her existing beading business.

October 2014: Katie’s first issue as editor of Bead Magazine, issue 58, was published. It featured her own project design, a crystal necklace entitled ‘Aslan’s Necklace’, alongside two new features introduced by Katie. Design Corner aimed to explore ideas behind designing beadwork to help give new designers a place to start. The projects featured in Design Corner are available as patterns on here. Tips, Tricks and Techniques explores different aspects of beading, offering some helpful hints to help everyone improve their beadwork.

November 2015: Issue 59 of Bead Magazine featured Katie’s design for a beaded Christmas bauble.

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