By Level

Find patterns by level of experience. I find it very hard to grade patterns by level: what one person will find easy, another will find difficult. So, I have tried to think of this in terms of the pattern itself. You also need to bear in mind that your level of skill is not just one thing. For example, if you have been beading for ten years, you should have the right to think of yourself as ‘advanced’. However, if you have only ever learned Peyote stitch, then you decide to try a different technique, you will be dropping back to beginner. Yes, you will have some advantages in that you know how to read a pattern. You know how to pick up beads, thread a needle etc. However, do not be surprised if you find it difficult to master a new thread path. Be kind to yourself, take your time and work your way up the levels. You will soon become advanced in this new technique as well!
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