January 2013: Vivebooks published Katie’s first e-book, ‘Bead Flowers and Wedding Bouquets’.

February 2013: Katie’s design for a coconut ice bracelet, made from beaded beads, was published in Bead magazine.

March 2013: Katie’s design for miniature gift-wrap charms was published in Beads and Beyond magazine.

April 2013: Katie’s original book of miniature beaded cakes was re-published as a second edition by Vivebooks. The ebook version included video demonstrations of techniques along with a brand new project.

Spring 2013: the Spring special of Bead Magazine featured Katie’s French Beaded iris bouquet design as its front cover

May 2013: Katie’s fish bracelet featured in the Beadworker’s Guild Challenge.

June 2013: Katie entered The Battle of the Beadsmith for the first time, but sadly her necklace, ‘High Stakes’ lost in Round 1!

June: The Bakewell Tarts project from Sweet Treats was included in Bead Magazine

June: Perlen Poesie Magazine published Katie’s design for ‘Strawberries and Cream’ bangle.

July 2013: Katie gained a City and Guilds teaching qualification (PTTLS)

August 2013: Katie’s necklace, ‘Marie Antoinette’, was awarded a special commendation in the Bead Star Awards, an international competition sponsored by Beadwork Magazine.

August: Katie’s necklace, ‘In Memoriam’, was awarded a merit in the International Bead Awards, a competition sponsored by Perlen Poesie magazine.

August: Bead Magazine featured Katie’s butterfly beaded beads project.

October 2013: Katie’s design ‘Quilter’s Cuff’ was published in Beadwork magazine – her first design to make it into a US magazine.

October 2013: Katie’s next set of e-books, a trilogy of three Christmas themed books, was published by Vivebooks.

October: Creative Beading Magazine in Australia featured Katie’s project for a spiral ribbons necklace.

December 2013: Bead Magazine published Katie’s miniature beaded Keepsake cards project. This formed the basis for a book that is in the making.

December: Katie was interviewed as a featured artist in Digital Beading Magazine, alongside her project for a peppermint sweets bracelet.



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