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What you will find in the Beadshop

Are you looking to improve your beading skills? Then you can find free tutorials to download. They cover the basic beading techniques and other useful information. I have put all my years of teaching experience into making them as good as possible!

Do you want some new beading projects to try? You can find these in three of the Beadshop categories. I have hundreds of patterns. So, I have sorted these so you can find something to suit your experience. Or, find something using the techniques you love, or the type of project you want to make. If you prefer kits, then I have some exclusive kits on offer. I also have some patterns with the option of buying the pattern or kit. Lastly, I have published several beading books, so have a browse through those for more projects.

Having chosen your projects, perhaps you need some beads or materials with which to make them? Well, I can help you there as well. I am building my beading supplies, so have a browse through! To begin with, I am focusing on beads that are not so commonly available, or materials that I frequently use. I will keep adding stock, so be sure to return to the Beadshop regularly.

Always on Hand to Help

You can also sign up to my mailing list to get regular updates on new products and special offers. And, don’t forget, I’m only ever an email away and I’m always very happy to help. So, whether you need some help with a technique, or you want to source beads, just ask! For now, I’ll leave you to browse the Beadshop…

What others are saying

“Always a pleasure!”

“Great tutorials! Keep creating my friend! 👍👍👍

“Purchased this pattern to make a pen for my daughter who has a cake making business and she was thrilled with it.”