By Technique

You can search my collection of patterns by technique. Some patterns use a combination of different techniques. So, I have added these under the ‘mixed’ category. Whilst trying to define my patterns by technique, I have taken into consideration the most prominent technique in a piece. In some cases, the project requires an even balance of techniques. So, these patterns may also feature in more than one technique category. Therefore, I recommend you to browse as much as possible too.

Choosing Techniques

I know that most people have different skill levels and experience across different techniques. So, I hope you will find this method of categorisation helpful. If you need a particular skill level, then you might find it helpful to search by skill. In choosing a technique, you might like to focus on projects using techniques you know well. Alternatively, perhaps you prefer to focus on beading techniques you enjoy. Or, maybe you are looking to expand your skills. If this is the case, you can find projects that use the techniques you wish to learn.
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