Read a quick overview of Katie’s beading activities in 2016.

Magazine Features in 2016

Once again, Katie’s projects have featured regularly in magazines in 2016. In April she was profiled in Japan’s leading magazine, Bead Art. Alongside the profile, the magazine also published Katie’s chocolate gateau pattern.

Issue 68 of Bead and Jewellery Magazine featured a bracelet using a traditional spiral stitch, but taking it to a new level with Superduo beads to add an extra dimension.

Issue 69 of the magazine featured Katie’s tricky little Infinity Beaded Beads. This project had evolved from a Beadsmith Inspiration squad pack.

Issue 70 also took a traditional beading stitch and gave it a new twist with some of the new beads that are making their way onto the market. The result was a Daisy Chain Superduo bracelet.

Issue 71 of Bead and Jewellery Magazine featured a more complex project, a floral wrist corsage with a clever fastening allowing the floral section to be used on multiple bracelets.

Jewellery Maker TV 2016

In April 2016 Katie was approached by Jewellery Maker TV, asking Jewellery Maker TVif she would become a guest designer on the show. This was a huge honour to which she readily agreed. Her first show took place on 3rd May as part of the channel’s birthday celebration week. It was also the Seed Bead Launch, bringing a whole new product to the company. You can watch the show here.

Katie is now a regular designer, with a monthly show. If you want to follow the show schedule, you can get all the news here.

New Books for 2016

Bead Flowers and CorsageBead_flowers_corsages_BookCovers‘, the sequel to Katie’s very popular first ebook about French Beading was published. This title features more advanced French beading techniques, new flowers and foliage and ideas for making corsages for all occasions.

‘Keepsake Cards’, a longKeepsakeCardsFrontCover-term book project, finally saw publication in the summer of 2016. It uses basic bead-weaving techniques to create miniature beaded cards to commemorate special occasions.

Other News for 2016

Katie’s Gingerbread House was chosen to feature in the gallery promoting BBC Four’s programme, ‘Make!’, all about the talent and industry of Britain’s crafters. You can see the gallery here.

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