Bugle beads

Use this tag to quickly find projects that use bugle beads. Some are featured in books, some are standalone patterns.

There are so many ways to use these beads. As some of the most traditional seed bead shapes, you can use them in basic bead weaving techniques. You might also combine them with other beads. Or, they make great embellishments and edging.

So, you will see from the projects below that bugle beads are very versatile. In some, I have used them as a major element of the project. In others, the bugles are just a finishing touch.

Be aware, they come in different lengths and finishes. The beading pattern instructions will tell you what you need. In some cases, you can experiment with different lengths. Just be aware that, for some projects, this might affect the finish of your design. So, treat any changes you make with caution.

And please bear in mind that changing the bead size or bead colour does not mean you have created a new design. All these projects are protected by UK copyright law (which applies worldwide). So, you may use them for your own personal enjoyment. But sharing with others, or selling the instructions is prohibited by law and offenders will be prosecuted. You are welcome to sell finished items that you make from these patterns, provided you credit Katie Dean as the designer.

Enjoy browsing and choosing your perfect project to use up your stash of beads, or investigate this fascinating basic bead shape.

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Showing all 12 results