Are you interested in working with Cabochons? Do you have some in your collection that you need to use? Then, here are some great beading patterns that you can try.

What are cabochons?

These are typically an object that you can bead around, but which has no hole through it. So, in order to use a cabochon, you need to create a beadwork casing. You can then add decoration around this.

You will find cabochons used to make focal pieces for any kind of jewellery. They come in all sizes and also in different shapes. Although, the most commonly used shape is a circle or oval.

In these patterns, you will see a mixture of ideas. Some are made for a specific type of cabochon. Others can be adapted to suit any size or style.

Sometimes these are confused with, or used interchangeably with rivolis. These are made of crystal. So, I have included the Rivolis projects in the ‘pearls and crystals’ category. But you may be able to use your cabochons in some of those patterns too.

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Showing 1–16 of 17 results