Square Stitch

These patterns all use square stitch. I have such a large range of patterns now that I began thinking about ways in which I could categorise them to allow you to search more easily. I have three broad categories: technique, skill level  and project type. Within each of these I have further categorised. So here you are looking at those patterns that fall under the category of Square stitch technique. In some cases the patterns use this stitch exclusively. In other cases, they combine it with other techniques. So, please also read the full product description for each.


All my patterns are protected under UK copyright law. They are sold for personal use only. You may sell items that you make using these patterns, but you must label these items as being designed by Katie Dean. It is illegal to make copies of the pattern to give to friends. It is also illegal to share the pattern instructions online. If you wish to teach a class using one of my patterns, you must hold a license, so please contact me to obtain this.

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