Ava Beads Bracelet Pattern: Diamonds


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This Ava Beads Bracelet design plays around with the Diamond motif. I used DiamonDuos and Kheops to enhance the diamond shape I was able to create with the Ava Beads. For anyone who has not used these beads before, just follow the links on the bead labels to read a more detailed blog about each different type of bead. You can buy supplies for this project here.

Materials and Experience

For this project you will need

  • Ava beads
  • DiamonDuos
  • Kheops Par Puca
  • Size 11 Delicas
  • Size 15 seed beads.
  • You will be using Peyote stitch, a little Square Stitch and bead stringing.

Suitable for intermediate and beyond.

Buy AVA beads from me here. Get all the rest of the materials in the Beading Supplies on this website as well.

About the Ava Beads Bracelet

I can let you into a little secret about my Ava beads bracelet design. The focal clasp that you see actually came before the Ava beads section. I had been experimenting with DiamonDuos and had an idea for a clever disguised clasp. I also had an idea about a bracelet to go with it (that may come later!), but had only got as far as making the clasp. This motif had actually been staring at me from my beading table for weeks before the Ava beads arrived. It still took me a while to make the connection.

Having made some earrings and a necklace, it seemed only natural to make an Ava beads bracelet. I was still experimenting with different ways of arranging the Ava beads and decided to try diamonds. In fact, I wondered if the DiamonDuos would sit inside the Ava bead diamond shape. (Yes they do, but not quite as I had initially imagined). So, I had laid some beads out to try the idea and then my eye fell upon the clasp. Everything came together from that point and the Ava beads bracelet was born!

Despite the fact that the design looks quite intricate, the thread path is really very simple. You are simply stringing beads. The clasp is the most complex part of this project. But even that is just Peyote stitch, with a little basic square stitch. The pattern instructions are very comprehensive.

However, if you do need a technique reminder, you can find free tutorials to download for both techniques on this website. Just pop over to the free tutorials page on the menu!

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