Kheops Beads: Keeping it Simple Bracelet Pattern


Combine Kheops beads and size 11 Delicas to make this simple bracelet. The design is finished with a clasp from my Beaded Clasps book. This pattern is suitable for all levels.

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Kheops beads: Keeping it Simple Bracelet

Use Kheops beads to make this simple bracelet that will really show off your beads. Kheops are triangular in shape and have two parallel holes through the bead, making them fascinating to work with. If you have never used these beads before, then you can read more about them here. You will find this pattern is a great option for getting started.

Helpful Information

You will be combining your Kheops beads with size 11 Delicas. I used a style of Kheops that had colouring and pattern on the surface. So I was able to choose Delicas to bring this out. However, the design would work just as well with plain Kheops and Delicas that either contrast or tone with them.

You will be working in basic square stitch, so if this is new to you, you can find a free tutorial here. I finished my bracelet with a beaded clasp in a triangular shape to complement the Kheops beads. This was taken from my book, beaded clasps and worked in Peyote stitch. You can add whatever style of clasp you like – including a shop-bought clasp. If you need any advice about choosing clasps, then you may find this blog helpful. Or there are plenty of tips in my book.

If you are interested in exploring Kheops, this pattern is a good place to start to understand how to link them into straight designs. You can build on this with my art deco inspired necklace in order to create wider bands of Kheops beads. Or, learn how to make round shapes with this ring pattern which gives you a very versatile component. All of these patterns represent my earliest experiments with Kheops beads. So they are simple in structure and focus on understanding the thread path required to work with this parallel holed style of bead. Enjoy!