Jewellery Making

The jewellery making category, here, includes projects that use basic skills. They still feature beads, but you will be using materials like headpins, eyepins, crimps and wire. So, these patterns  make bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Some projects include stringing. Some projects include wirework. Typically, you will not need needle and thread for these projects. So, you may want to invest in some basic jewellery making tools. You can carry out most simple projects with just round nose pliers and wire cutters. You will also get to learn about other tools in some of these projects.


All my patterns are protected under UK law. They are intended for personal use only. So, you may not make copies to give to friends, or share at beading groups. If you wish to teach any of my patterns, you will need written permission from me. You can sell the jewellery that you make using my instructions. Just please credit me as the designer – thank you.

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