Kheops Art Deco Necklace Pattern


This pattern uses Kheops Par Puca beads and Czech seed beads to create an elegant and stylish choker length necklace. This is suitable for all levels and is an excellent way to start working with Kheops beads.

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Kheops Art Deco Necklace

You will learn how to make this Art Deco inspired necklace using the new Kheops Par Puca beads. If this is a new bead type for you, then follow the link to read all about the Kheops beads and how to use them. This pattern is designed for beginners, so you will be creating a simple, wide band with the Kheops beads, then joining the bands to create the Art Deco style. Finally, you will need some Czech Charlottes to create the delicate netted necklace that mirrors the style of the focal pattern.

This necklace pattern features a brief introduction to the Kheops beads, then detailed step-by-step instructions, all accompanied by diagrams and photos to show you just how to make the project. I worked with Crystal Fireline for this design and I would recommend it as it provides a strong structure which is essential to making the necklace sit correctly. You will want to maintain good tension throughout this project.

This pattern is one of my earliest designs with these beads, so it is accessible if you are just starting out with these beads. I created the design with the ambition of working out how the beads would slot together and how thread paths could work. This simplicity seemed to lend itself to an Art Deco style and, once I had created the motifs, I wanted to make a necklace chain that complemented the triangular design. I came up with a very simple solution which is quick and easy to make.

If you are feeling the need to really get to grips with Kheops beads, you can find some more basic patterns that will help you through the thread paths for circular and straight shapes. You can also move on to more complex designs, so go and enjoy!