Half Moon Beads Beaded Bead Pattern


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Use half moon beads to create a very versatile beaded bead. This is great for mixing and matching colours. You can use single beads for earrings. Or try a few to create a necklace or bracelet. So, let me tell you a bit more about them…


You will need half moon beads (obviously!) and seed beads in sizes 11 and 15. Plus, your choice of beading thread.

Typically the Half Moon beads (these are the PRECIOSA product – 8x4mm) are sold in packs of 30. So, a single pack will allow you to make two beaded beads. That’s an instant pair of earrings.

These beads are available in a range of colours. So, start by picking out your favourite half moon colour. Then, choose seed beads to complement them. Very likely, you have the seed beads in your stash already. So, this can be an inexpensive project to try.

Experience and Techniques

You will be using some basic square stitch and basic Peyote stitch to make these beaded beads. I suggest this is an intermediate level project, partly because of the thread path, and partly because it does use small beads. But do give it a go at any level.

You can find free help with a large range of beading techniques, including these, at this link.

About the Half Moon Beads Beaded Bead

I designed these little beaded beads for my National Beading Week challenge back in 2016. I challenged beaders to use this design as a starting point to create their own jewellery.

So, this beaded bead was one of three designs from which they could choose. Some of the entries worked with just one design, some chose to use all three. This is one of the other beaded beads that the entrants had the option of using. You might like to take this inspiration for your own beaded beads.

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