Quick Beading Projects

Here are the patterns that I would classify as quick beading projects. Now, you may disagree in some cases. So, please read the category description to see how I have come up with this definition.

How are quick beading projects defined?

I am defining quick beading projects as anything that I could make in an afternoon. In a lot of cases, I would make these things in two hours.

However, please bear in mind, I am an experienced beader. I am very confident with all the techniques and I bead fairly fast. So, if you are still on the learning curve, you may need a little longer than two hours for some of these projects.

As you can imagine, there is still quite a variation in timing. So, some of the simple rings would be far quicker to make than a beaded pen or a bracelet with a beaded clasp. Please use your common sense here: you can sense for yourself whether a project will take five minutes or a little longer. This is just to help you find a ‘quick’ beading fix more easily!

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Showing 1–16 of 273 results