Even Count Peyote Bracelet Pattern: Art Deco Design


  • This tutorial gives you pattern chart, word chart, 3 colourways, choice of two clasps.
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This even count Peyote bracelet pattern gives you:

  • Pattern chart
  • Word chart
  • Three colour schemes
  • Two different options for clasps


You can use either cylinder beads or seed beads for this project. I used size 11/0 Delicas for my black and white and the brown/pink colour schemes. This gave me a beautifully regular finish, and a bracelet that is 4.5cm wide.

Then, I thought I would try using size 11/0 seed beads. That also worked very well, but gave me a slightly wider bracelet – 6cm.

This design will also work with 10/0 Delicas if you want something a little wider.

You also need your favourite beading thread. I chose to use 4lb Fireline. If you want more information about choosing beading thread, check out this blog.

Lastly, you will need a clasp of your choice. I have shown you how to attach a slide clasp. Also, how to make a clasp using a beaded bead. So, you could follow those options. Or, you might have another preferred clasp, which is fine.

If you want to make my beaded beads for your clasp, you will also need two 10mm wooden beads.

Experience and Techniques

This even count Peyote bracelet is suitable for all levels. Even count Peyote stitch is one of the simplest bead-weaving technique. I have assumed that you already know the basic technique. But, if that is not the case, you can use this free tutorial to learn the basics before you start on the bracelet.

About the even count Peyote bracelet

I really, really love working in basic Peyote stitch. There is something incredibly soothing and satisfying about this technique. It also lends itself to creating beautiful pattern designs.

So, for this bracelet, I took inspiration from Art Deco. I love the regular, geometric shapes of this style of art/architecture.

The fun of a design like this is that it will work in a huge range of colour schemes. So, although I have included three colour schemes in my tutorial, I also invite you to try your own.

The tutorial gives you a pattern chart and a word chart. So, it is easy to follow. I have also explained how to alter your bracelet to fit any size of wrist, and how to add a clasp. In fact, I have given you two choices of clasp. So, you have lots of options to try, and the finished result is wonderful to wear.

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