Sweet Dreams Necklace or Bracelet Pattern


For this project, you will need 10mm wooden beads, size 11 seed beads, 3mm spacers and 4mm firepolish beads, plus beading thread and clasp. You will be working in circular and tubular Peyote stitch. Suitable for all levels. Find more details in the full product description, below. Buy your materials in the beading supplies.

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This Sweet Dreams necklace pattern is also available as a necklace kit. It uses circular peyote stitch to create miniature beaded sweets. You can then string these into a necklace or bracelet, in combination with firepolish and spacer beads.

This project is perfect if you are new to circular peyote. If you are more experienced, this is a great ‘easy project’ for relaxation. If you don’t want to string your sweets, they make a cute display in a dish or jar. You can go to town with your colour combinations for the wrappers! So, this is a good project for using up leftover beads.

What Materials will I need for the Sweet Dreams Necklace?

In this pattern, I show you how to turn natural wood beads into beaded sweets. So, you will need the 10mm wooden bead bases. Plus a selection of size 11 seed beads for the sweet wrappers. I find that crystal beads are great for the ‘wrapping’ at either end. You can pair these with any other colours. I also like to use silver lined beads. A lot of real sweet wrappers are shiny, so the silver-lined give this effect.

When you come to string your Sweet Dreams necklace, you will want some spacer beads to sit between the sweets. I used a combination of 3mm round silver beads and 4mm firepolish. The round silver beads reminded me of the little silver sweets that you can use to decorate cakes. I chose 4mm beads in a clear colour so that the sweets would really stand out.

Lastly, you will want a clasp to finish your Sweet Dreams necklace. You can simply string this as a bracelet if you wish. You might also like to think about adding a beaded clasp.

What experience do I need?

The Sweet Dreams necklace pattern shows all the steps with clear instructions. So, I have not assumed you already know how to work in circular or tubular Peyote. You might find it helpful if you already understand how Peyote stitch works, but this is not essential.

If you are a complete beginner, I have a lot of free tutorials that will take you through the basics. Just check out the free tutorials department in the right-hand menu. You can also find some great blogs at My World of Beads. These cover the real basics, like starting and finishing thread etc.