The beginner patterns here are all suitable if you are just starting out in the technique. They are designed to take things back to basics and help you gain a really good understanding of the technique. Please also bear in mind that you may be advanced in terms of general beading experience, but if you are trying a new technique, you will want to start with a beginner pattern. This will allow you to get used to the new thread path or new beads. You will find you move on quickly, but remember to be kind to yourself as you learn.


My beading patterns are all protected under UK copyright law. They are intended for personal use only. You can sell finished beadwork that you have made from these patterns, but please make sure you name me as the designer. It is illegal for you to create a copy of any of my patterns to give to another person. It is also illegal to share these pattern instructions online. If you wish to teach a class using one of my patterns, you will require a license. You can obtain this by contacting me. If you have further questions, I will be happy to help.

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