Cupcake Peyote Star Pattern


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This cupcake Peyote star pattern is perfect for a first attempt, or a quick make to add to your collection. So, find out a little more, then grab your copy!


You will need size 11 Delica beads to make your cupcake Peyote star. The finished size of this star is about 2″. So, you won’t need too many beads. Which makes this a great project for finishing up some of those leftover tubes.

Or, if you’re quite new to making Peyote stars and don’t have any Delicas in your collection, I can help. Follow this link to browse a selection of Delicas at great prices.

I have included the actual bead colour codes for the colouring that I used to make my stars.

You will also need your favourite beading thread. Now, with these stars, you have the option of stuffing them, or not. I found that, with good tension, my star didn’t need any stuffing. It holds its shape brilliantly!

I find that Fireline thread gives me a really strong tension. But I know not every beader is the same. So, if you prefer a different thread, that will be just fine.

Experience and Techniques

I recommend this cupcake Peyote star pattern for intermediate level. The instructions show you how to make a warped square, how to turn your squares into a star, and of course give you the pattern.

So, I have assumed you already have some knowledge of the following:

  • Circular Peyote
  • How to increase
  • Zipping up
  • Following a Peyote pattern chart

If you’re new to any of those techniques, then I have also included links to free blogs that you can use to help you as you work on your star.

I also have an online course that you can use if you need to learn how to follow Peyote pattern charts. So, you can find out more about that here.

About the cupcake Peyote star pattern

I confess, I’ve been looking on enviously at the hundreds of beaded stars that keep appearing in my social media feeds. Everyone is finding them really addictive…. And, now I see why!

This cupcake Peyote star pattern is my second ever star. I tried a little experiment on my own, just to understand how the warped squares and stars work. Then I decided to create my own pattern. What theme would be right? Well, as it’s me, it had to be cupcakes!

So, I’m confessing here that I have another addiction to add to the beaded pens and beaded boxes. You might want to look out for more Peyote stars from me too!

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