Angel Beaded Box Pattern


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This Angel beaded box is a project that I designed as part of my Nativity set. However, the box structure is different from the other characters. Plus, I felt that an Angel doesn’t have to belong with the Nativity. So, I am selling this pattern separately. If you wish to purchase the Nativity set too, you can find the pattern here>>


You will need the following seed beads:

  • Size 10 Delicas in four colours
  • Seven size 11 Delicas
  • Size 15 seed beads or Delicas
  • Your choice of beading thread

Now, for the inevitable question: can you make the Angel beaded box using size 11 Delicas? Well, yes, but you will need to create your own technique for the face. By using size 10s, I was able to combine the size 15 beads seamlessly to add the features. If you try to do this with size 11 beads, it won’t work – the two bead sizes don’t fit together, so you will end up with puckered beading.

If you are willing to try designing your own face, then it’s not a problem. This should be quite simple to do.

Experience and Techniques

This project uses a combination of Peyote stitch (circular, tubular and odd count), plus basic brick stitch, basic Herringbone (straight and tubular) and a little guided freeform. I have assumed you are already familiar with all these techniques. So, if you want more information about what they involve, check out this blog>>

I think this pattern is really for advanced beaders, but if you are good at following instructions, then feel free to give it a try at any level.

About the Angel Beaded Box

As I said, I designed this Angel beaded box with my Nativity set in mind. She is slightly taller than the other characters (but then, if I remember rightly, the Angels in Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’ were 7 foot tall!). So, this is just over 4″ (10cm). Of course, if you do try her with the smaller Delicas, she will come out a little smaller.

The box base is created by her skirt and the ‘lid’ is her body and head. So, you get storage space in both halves, meaning you could put a taller object inside her if you wish.

If you don’t want a beaded box, then I have also included instructions for making her as an ordinary figure.

The pattern gives you 19 pages of instructions, including basic technique reminders.

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