Floral Garland Bracelet Pattern


For this project you will need twin hole or Superduo beads, 10mm pearls, size 11 seed beads and you will be working in Peyote stitch and also daisy chain stitch. The beaded clasp is an integral part of the design, but you could replace it with a normal clasp if you wish. Suitable for more advanced beaders.

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Floral Garland

My floral garland bracelet originally appeared in Bead and Button Magazine. When I created the design, I had been interested in experimenting with using two-holed beads to create layers of beadwork. For this project I used Twin Hole beads. But in fact, it should work equally well with Superduos. I mixed these with seed beads in a Cellini spiral (this is a particular variation of tubular Peyote stitch). Then, I used the second hole to create the floral design around the bracelet. You will just use basic daisy chain stitch and again, ordinary seed beads.

I have also been fascinated by beaded clasps and ways in which I can use them as an integral part of jewellery designs. So, for this bracelet, I imagined that the clasp might be like a detail of part of the floral garland, showing one of the little flowers as if magnified. It is basically a toggle clasp made using 10mm pearls and round bead with a Peyote stitch toggle. This fits into the carefully constructed bracelet ends. When fastened, you can wear the clasp as a focal point on the front of the wrist.


When the design appeared in Bead and Button, the lovely editor, Connie Whittaker, re-worked it. I found her brilliant to work with and it was fascinating for me to see my design in completely new colours. It never fails to amaze me what a difference colouring can make to a design. Choose a new colour palette and the design takes on a new life. So you can see Connie’s take on the bracelet in the photos here.

This project is suitable for more advanced beaders as it may feel a little tricky working with the two-holed beads and adding the daisy chain. If you’re happy to push yourself, though, don’t be put off – give this a go! If you’re feeling really ambitious, it will also make a fabulous necklace. I suggest making it choker length so you can wear the clasp at the front.