Beaded Bat and Moon Halloween Panel for Beaded Lantern


  • This even count Peyote stitch tutorial gives you a word chart and pattern chart for the Halloween beaded bats and moon panel for my beaded lantern. (The lantern is not included.)
  • You can also use this pattern to extend to create a bracelet, or perhaps as a decorative ornament.
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This beaded bat and moon is just one of many designs for the side panels on my beaded lantern. You are going to be working in even count Peyote stitch. So, let me tell you a little more about this.


You will need size 11 Delica beads for this project.

For the ‘glass’ I suggest that you use transparent delicas, code DB141.

I have also included the exact bead codes that you will need for the beaded bat and moon design. In some cases, you do need just a very small quantity. So, if you already have a large collection of Delicas, you may already have some or all of these colours.

If you are needing to buy new, then I have a couple of suggestions. Firstly, if you are going to be making a lot of the different lanterns, or side panels for this lantern, then you will end up using these colours in other designs. So, if you do buy a whole tube, you’re not going to end up wasting them in the long run.

Second, there are a few bead shops that will sell Delicas by the gram. I know Joan Painter in the US and I believe ‘The Old Bicycle Shop’ in the UK are two of these. It’s also worth asking at your local bead store. So, if you can find somewhere to buy just 1g, then you will be able to get something closer to the quantity you actually need here.

In addition to the beads, you will need clear thread for this project. My recommendations are either TOHO T-line (if you can get it) or Beadalon Supplemax in 0.15mm width. I’ll be totally honest, these threads can be challenging to work with, but it is really worth it to get the look of the clear glass. You can find out more about the threads in this blog post.

Experience and Techniques

As I mentioned at the beginning, you are going to be using even count Peyote to make your beaded bat and moon panel. So, this is a really simple beading technique.

In the tutorial, I have given you a pattern chart and a word chart. But I have assumed you already know how to work in even count Peyote. If that is not the case, then this online class will teach you all that you need to know.

About the beaded bat and moon lantern panel

I have designed this beaded bat and moon specifically to fit my beaded lantern with interchangeable side panels. It is one of several different Halloween-themed designs. So, you can bead all of the different Halloween panels to create different pictures around your lantern. Or, you might want to just create four panels using this design.

You can find all of the panels (plus the lantern) at this link. And I am adding more all the time. So, please check back to see the latest designs.

Of course, you can also adapt this pattern and turn it into a bracelet. Perhaps simply repeat the design to create your desired length, then add a clasp of your choice. It would also make a cute ornament to hang in a window. And I’m sure you can think of other uses. So, although it is designed specifically for the lantern, you are welcome to use it in other ways too.

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