Beaded Bonsai Tree Pattern


Use the French Beading single loop technique to make this beaded bonsai tree. The pattern is illustrated with photos and requires brown wire (24 gauge) and a selection of size 8 green seed beads. Buy the materials at great prices, from my beading supplies department. This is a very basic technique, so you do not need any previous experience, but the pattern leaves a lot of room for individuality – the finished shape of your tree will depend upon your arrangement of the branches. The design is based upon a Chinese Juniper Bonsai. It can be planted in a real bonsai pot or just use a small flower pot.

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Beaded Bonsai Tree

Bonsai trees lend themselves to French beading. The sculptural shape of the tree is easy to achieve with the wire and beads. You can get as creative as you like! This beaded bonsai tree pattern uses the very simplest French beading technique.

The pattern instructions will guide you through the techniques you need. They are illustrated with photos and diagrams. The beaded bonsai tree is suitable for all levels. The pattern also includes some advice about ‘planting’ your tree.

Note on Materials

You will need size 8 seed beads in a mixture of different greens. You will also find it easiest to use a bead spinner to thread the beads for this project. This is because you want a random mix of colours, which is hard to achieve when threading by hand. Plus, there are a lot of beads to thread! This is a great project to make for a male friend or relative. So if you are looking for gifts for men, then look no further!

In addition to the beads, you will need coloured craft wire in brown to create the tree trunk and branches. I have the wire that you need on sale in my beading supplies department. You can also get the other materials you require from me there.

Unlike a lot of French beading projects, the beaded bonsai tree does not require you to stiffen or bind the stems. However, you should be careful to follow the pattern exactly in order to create a trunk that you can plant. I based this design on a Chinese Juniper. You can actually adapt the techniques you have learned to create other varieties of beaded bonsai tree. So, go ahead and use your imagination.

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