Beaded Lantern with Interchangeable Side Panels


  • This beading tutorial gives you instructions for making the basic beaded lantern structure. It includes blank graph paper and instructions for designing your own ‘panes of glass’ to insert into the lantern. I also sell my own designs for the panes of glass (you will see some samples in the images), so you can find those at this link.
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Ever since I launched my original beaded lanterns online class, I’ve had a few requests for the pattern I am launching here. This is a beaded lantern with interchangeable side panels. What does that mean? Basically, this tutorial gives you a ‘skeleton’ lantern. You then get to add in the glass panels of your choice for the sides of your lantern.

So, the tutorial here will give you the instructions for making the lantern, plus blank graph paper and notes so you can create your own designs for the sides. However, I have also made some side panel designs. I will be making more as well. So, if you don’t want to create your own designs, you will also be able to purchase mine.

I’ll give a few more details at the end. But first, let me tell you about the lantern structure.


You will need size 11 Delicas and 4mm pearls to make the beaded lantern with interchangeable side panels.

I chose to use two colours of delicas for my main lantern. I then used pearls in a colour to tone. The tutorial does give you my exact colour choices. But you are free to choose your own.

In addition, you will need some white delicas to make the casing for the tea light.

This is designed to fit a standard battery-operated tea light. The exact lights that I used just came from Amazon. So, here is the link to those if you wish to try them.

You will also need beading thread. This is a project that should be self-supporting. So, you will need a thread to give you excellent tension. My personal recommendation is Fireline.

As a side note, you will also need whatever beads you choose for your side panels. Or, if you are using any of my side panel designs, the tutorials for those will give you the bead details.

Experience and Techniques

You may not believe this, but in terms of technique, this beaded lantern is pretty simple. You are going to be working in circular and tubular Peyote. You don’t have any complicated lips, or anything of that nature. So, you should be able to complete this as an intermediate level beader.

However, you will need to be very good at reading and following instructions. The 3-dimensional nature of this project means that I have had to explain a lot in words. I have included diagrams to illustrate thread paths, and also photos to show the structure taking shape. But these need to be used alongside the detailed written instructions.

If you are struggling with any techniques, I have linked to blog posts and online videos that will give you more help with the basics.

About the beaded lantern with interchangeable side panels

In terms of size, this is a little larger than my previous lanterns. It is about 3″ (7.5cm) across the base and about 5″ (12.5cm) high.

This gives scope for slightly larger panes of glass, which can allow for more detailed pictures.

The lantern has a removable lid, so you can access the frames to insert and remove your panes of glass. I have also created a special casing for the tea light. So, you can turn the light on and off from underneath the lantern. And, if you need to replace your tea light, you can just open the casing to do that. It’s all very simple!

As I mentioned above, I will be designing a lot of different side panels for this basic lantern. You can see some in the photos. You will be able to find all of them in the beaded lantern sections of my website, here at this link.

Also, if you purchase this pattern and agree to receive marketing emails from me (don’t worry – I don’t send out many of those!), I will be able to email you whenever I release a new design.

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