Bead Embroidery Cupcake Beading Pattern


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This bead embroidery cupcake is quick and simple to make. You can make it in a variety of sizes (all included in the tutorial) and use it as jewellery or decoration. So, let me tell you more about this beading project.


You are going to need the following materials for this project:

  • A sheet of Lacey’s Stiff Stuff
  • 3-10g size 8 seed beads in cupcake colour* (A)
  • 3-10g size 11 seed beads in cupcake colour* (B)
  • 6-18cm of Shibori Silk Ribbon* (available from Etsy)
  • A handful of decorative beads to add to the cupcake icing (C)
  • Ultrasuede in a colour of your choice, to back your cupcake
  • Craft glue (e.g., UHU)
  • KO thread in colours to match your beads and Shibori Silk

*The exact quantities of beads and silk will depend on which size of cupcake you choose to make.
Note: for the smallest sized cupcake, it will be better to use size 11 seed beads for your (A) beads, and size 15 seed beads for your (B) beads. But all of this is explained in the tutorial, which includes three different sizes of cupcake.

You will also need beading needle, scissors, and any other basic tools you would normally use for bead embroidery.

Experience and Techniques

You are going to be using very simple bead embroidery techniques. So, this is a great project for all levels. I have assumed you already know the basic stitches. But if you need any extra help with any of that, the tutorial also links to a free email course in bead embroidery. So, you can use that to help you.

About the Bead Embroidery Cupcake

If you know anything about me and my beadwork, you will know how much I love to create beaded cakes! Now, I’ve had it in mind for a long time to try and make a cupcake using Shibori silk for icing. I felt like the texture of this material will lend itself perfectly to creating pretty, colourful icing. And, of course, you can use oddments of beads to decorate it!

So, I’ve created three sizes you can make: 8cm (3″) that would be perfect for a large pendant, 5cm (2″), that would make a smaller pendant, and 3cm (1″) that would make cute earrings.

The techniques are the same for all these sizes. I found it took me just a couple of hours to make up the medium sized bead embroidery cupcake. And if you have any leftover scraps of silk, this is a great project for using them!

So, I hope you have a lot of fun with these, playing around with different sizes and colour combinations.


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