Kheops Chain Earrings Pattern


Use Kheops Par Puca beads, size 11 Delicas and a length of chain to make a pair of earrings or a pendant. You will be working in Peyote stitch and this pattern is suitable for intermediate beaders.

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Kheops Chain Earrings

Use Kheops beads to create an embellishment around a Peyote stitch diamond, made with size 11 Delicas. The diamond shaped section takes inspiration from the triangular Kheops shape. Then, I softened this angular design with the draped chain.

You can choose any style of chain, but I would recommend keeping to something that is fine and dainty. If you are not a fan of larger earrings, the design also works well as a pendant. The finished length of the shape you are creating (excluding chain) is about 2″ (5cm). So these are not huge or heavy as earrings go!

Additional Information

The instructions include a quick guide to working with Kheops beads. This is also a great pattern if you have never made Peyote stitch diamonds before. The technique is easy to pick up and the diamond motif can be used in all sorts of projects.

If you are new to Peyote stitch, you can find free tutorials to download here. This technique requires quite a lot of thread passes through a single bead in places. So you might find it easiest to work with a fine beading needle so that you do not risk breaking any beads.

This pattern evolved in my initial experiments with Kheops beads. I had decided to examine a few ways in which they could be used to add embellishment and interest to a traditional piece of bead-weaving.

In this case you will be working quite simply through the two holes in the Kheops beads,. So there is no problem in working out how to link them together to form a pattern.

If you are interested in another design that uses Kheops for embellishment, then you might like to try this bracelet. If you want to try using them to create a pattern, you can learn how to work in circles with this ring, or in straight lines with my Keeping it Simple bracelet design.