Pearl Cuff Bracelet Pattern


For this project you will need True2 beads – or you can buy ready-made spacer bars – and a selection of pearls, plus some memory wire (bracelet size). You will need round nose pliers, beading needle, scissor and thread and you will also find memory wire cutters very helpful. Suitable for all levels.

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About the Pearl Cuff Bracelet

I made this pearl cuff bracelet for my second Jewellery Maker TV show. This had a theme of ‘A Day at the Races’, so I wanted to make some jewellery that was sophisticated and elegant.

My kit included True2 beads and pearls in gorgeous pastel colours. I immediately envisioned a classic pearl cuff bracelet. This style of bracelet requires spacer bars to make the strands of pearls sit apart from one another. Now, I could have used ready-made spacer bars, but I decided to make my own. I have done this before, using seed beads and basic bead-weaving techniques.

In this case, I thought the True2 beads would be perfect and would also add a touch of sparkle to the bracelet. They really glint in the sunshine to add that little touch of glamour to the design.


You will be using basic Right Angle Weave to make the spacer bars. If this is a technique you have never used before, then you can find free tutorials to help on here. If you really object to the idea of using this technique, you can just use ready-made spacer bars.

I also used the True2 beads as spacers between the pearls. So this adds the little sparkle that the design needs!

If you cannot find the exact pearls that I used for this pearl cuff bracelet, then just note the sizes and use something of a similar size. You might like to change up the colouring. If this is the case, then start by selecting the coloured pearls and use these to dictate the colour of True2 beads that you choose. If you want a few tips on colouring, then you might enjoy this blog.

The pattern includes some information about using memory wire (it’s very simple!). It is also worth noting that memory wire is available in different sizes. So you could turn this design into a choker. You may want to use extra spacer bars for this and you will need to calculate how many pearls you string between each spacer. But once you have understood how the pearl cuff bracelet works, it will be very easy to turn it into a choker.