Denim Beaded Box Pattern


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My denim beaded box is unusual in its choice of materials. But this makes it easier to make for all levels of experience. So, I will explain more…


You will be using size 8/0 seed beads to make this box. Now, it is far more common to use Cylinder beads for making beaded boxes. The reason is, the cylinders ‘clip’ together very firmly. So, that gives a stronger, more stable structure, which is ideal for boxes.

Why did I choose to use size 8/0 seed beads? Basically, this project was a request from the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad. They were looking for projects to advertise the new range of Cymbal (TM) Elements. At that time, the range was considerably smaller. So, the Cymbals with which I got to work, were all designed to dovetail with 8/0 seed beads.

I was curious to know whether I could make these into a box. The answer is ‘yes’, but in order to work properly, you do need to focus on creating really strong tension. If you are used to stiffening your beadwork with products like Kleer floor polish, you can also try that on this beaded box.

The pattern details all the materials: 8/0 seed beads in three colours, plus the specific Cymbals beads you will need. I added an embellishment using jump rings as well. So, a lot of these are items you will already have in your stash.

If you would like more information about the Cymbals, try out this blog.

Experience and Techniques

This is an easy beaded box, made using circular and tubular Peyote. So, it’s a great ‘first box’ to try.

The pattern assumes you already know how to work in Peyote stitch and are familiar with the techniques for creating triangles. If you’re not, you don’t need to worry – it also links directly to other online resources that will teach you the basics if they are new to you.

How the Denim Beaded Box got its name

Basically, the combination of the blue shades and the metal Elements made me think of a pair of jeans…or maybe a denim jacket. So, I decided that would be the perfect theme to use to name this cute beaded box.

The finished size is about 2″, so it will hold a small treat and it’s a lot of fun to keep for yourself or give away.

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