Beaded Playing Cards Pattern


  • Choose your pattern option: Complete deck of cards gives you 52 card fronts and a card back (i.e. four complete suits – Jokers are sold separately). Each suit gives you 13 card fronts and a card back. Individual cards give you a front and back pattern. The Joker is sold as a separate pattern, giving you two different designs, as shown in the photo.
  • All patterns include full word charts AND pattern charts.
  • You will be working in even count Peyote, so this is suitable for all levels of experience.
  • Your tutorials will be emailed on your receipt. If you miss the receipt email, you can also log in to your account on this website and download your PDF file at any time.
  • Please read the full product description, below, for more details.
  • You will also be automatically entered into the prize draw to win 310g 11/0 delicas – get all the details here.

Earn up to 130 Free Beads.

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This beaded playing cards pattern is actually a simple project suitable for beaders of any level. So, let me tell you more about it.


You will just need size 11 Delicas and your choice of beading thread to make these. You can use normal seed beads, but you won’t get as neat a finish as you will with Delicas.

The cards use just seven colours (four if you are making the ‘non-faces’). So, you don’t need a huge colour range. I have given the colour codes that I used, but you are welcome to make your own colour choices if you prefer. Or, you can substitute colours. For example, you might have a red that is different from the red I’ve used. But your red would be absolutely fine as an option.

Experience and Techniques

This is an even count Peyote project. So, it’s a really basic beading technique. If you need a reminder, you can download this free tutorial. I have also put together a little YouTube video which demonstrates the technique. So, you can see how easy it is, and use that to learn if you need to. Here is the link to the video.

Every tutorial gives you a word chart and a pattern chart for each playing card. So, you don’t need any experience of reading Peyote charts. That is why I genuinely believe this project is suitable for any level of experience.

Choosing the correct beaded playing cards pattern

You will see that I have given you some options for buying this pattern. The most economical option is to purchase the full set of 52 cards, giving you all four suits. Then, you can choose whether or not you also add in the Jokers, which are sold separately. You get a word chart and pattern chart for every single one of the playing card fronts, plus the playing card back.

If you are only planning on making odd cards, then you might prefer to purchase the single pattern(s). Each of these gives you a pattern chart and word chart for the card front and the card back.

Thirdly, you might want to make a single suit of cards. So, this option would give you pattern and word charts for the fronts and back of all thirteen cards in your chosen suit.

In addition to all of those options, I have a separate pattern for the Joker. This includes two different Joker designs, plus the playing card back.

Your tutorial also shows you how to assemble the cards (very simple!) and gives you some helpful advice about working on a project like this. So, you just have to decide which option you want to buy, then enjoy making these.

The finished card size is about 2.75″ (7cm) x 4″ (10.5cm). So, they are slightly larger than real cards. It takes me about 9 hours to complete a card (front and back).

The tutorial also gives you the exact bead counts for each card. You might like to try and buy large packs of delicas for this project. I  believe Potomac beads will be stocking 50g packs. So, you can check that using this link. It is also worth asking your local bead store if they are willing to sell larger pack sizes. Most bead store owners are very happy to help their customers!

Additional information

Pattern Choice

52 Card Patterns (All four suits), Suit of Clubs 13 Card Patterns, Suit of Diamonds 13 Card Patterns, Suit of Hearts 13 Card Patterns, Suit of Spades 13 Card Patterns, Ace of Clubs, Two of Clubs, Three of Clubs, Four of Clubs, Five of Clubs, Six of Clubs, Seven of Clubs, Eight of Clubs, Nine of Clubs, Ten of Clubs, Jack of Clubs, Queen of Clubs, King of Clubs, Ace of Diamonds, Two of Diamonds, Three of Diamonds, Four of Diamonds, Five of Diamonds, Six of Diamonds, Seven of Diamonds, Eight of Diamonds, Nine of Diamonds, Ten of Diamonds, Jack of Diamonds, Queen of Diamonds, King of Diamonds, Ace of Hearts, Two of Hearts, Three of Hearts, Four of Hearts, Five of Hearts, Six of Hearts, Seven of Hearts, Eight of Hearts, Nine of Hearts, Ten of Hearts, Jack of Hearts, Queen of Hearts, King of Hearts, Ace of Spades, Two of Spades, Three of Spades, Four of Spades, Five of Spades, Six of Spades, Seven of Spades, Eight of Spades, Nine of Spades, Ten of Spades, Jack of Spades, Queen of Spades, King of Spades, Joker (2 designs included)

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