American Flag Bead Pattern: Beaded Box


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This American flag bead pattern makes a beaded box that is large enough to hold a reel of thread or some beads. You can enlarge the box size in two easy ways. Either, use size 10 delicas for an instant increase. Or, add some extra rows to your base to grow the size.

Materials and Techniques

This little beaded box is made entirely with Peyote stitch. I have assumed you are already familiar with the technique. So, if you do need any extra help, you can find a free technique tutorial here.

The whole box is made using size 11 delicas.

I have marked this pattern as intermediate to advance level.

The story behind the American Flag bead pattern

I was looking for a project to celebrate 4th July. The obvious answer is to create an American flag bead pattern. But what to do with it?

Well, let me start by saying that I know the idea of an American flag bead pattern is not original. In fact, let me digress with a little story…

I heard about a big copyright drama involving a couple of beaders. Both of them had created some sort of design using the American flag. One of them saw the others’ design and accused that beader of copying. Well, it all got rather ugly. But the point was, nobody holds the copyright to the American flag (or any other flag for that matter). So, using that concept for a design is not going to be infringing copyright.

Now, back to my story. I have seen lots of jewellery – earrings, bracelets and pendants – with the American flag bead pattern. It’s lovely, but I wanted to add something different. So, I went back to one of my favourite types of project…beaded boxes.

I have never seen a beaded box made with the American flag. It’s entirely possible that someone has done it, but I just throw that out there. So, if you are about to come and tell me, you’ve already done this, then I’m very sorry. This is just one of those coincidences.

So, let me leave you with my wish. I hope you enjoy making this little box. Whether you keep it for yourself or give it as a 4th July gift, I hope it brings you pleasure. Happy Independence Day!

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