Beaded Christmas Tree in a Pot


  • This is a supplementary pattern to accompany my ebook, ‘How to Make Beaded Boxes: 7 Flower-Pot Designs’. So, this pattern gives you the full instructions for making the Christmas tree. The flower pot, which is also a beaded box, instructions are only available in the book. If you don’t have a copy of the ebook, you can always design your own flower pot.
  • This pattern will download automatically on your receipt. You can also come back here and log in to your account on the Beadflowers website to download the PDF file at any time.
  • Please read the full product description, below, for more information about the materials and techniques.
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Believe it or not, this beaded Christmas tree is actually a tiny beaded box. The pot is the box. So, you can lift off the Christmas tree and reveal the storage space in the pot underneath.

This is a companion pattern to my ebook, ‘How to Make Beaded Boxes’. So, the instructions for the pot are only available in the ebook. That means you either need to have a copy of the ebook (you can buy it here). Or, you will need to design and make your own pot for your tree.

It’s well worth getting the ebook, though. It gives you seven cute designs for other flower pots. Plus, in addition to the written instructions, I have demonstrated all the techniques on video.

Materials for the beaded Christmas tree

I have made this project using size 10 Delicas for the tree and its beaded box pot. Now, it is possible to use size 11 – you will just end up with a smaller ornament.

Made with size 10, the finished size is about 14cm high, 8cm across the widest part of the tree, and the pot is 4cm by 3cm.

In addition to the size 10 Delicas, you will need 3mm round beads for the baubles, and size 11 Delicas to make the star for the top. So, if you did want to scale down and use 11/0s for the tree, you would need to use 2mm round or True2(TM) beads for the baubles, and size 15/0 delicas for the star.

You also need your favourite beading thread. Please use something that will give you good tension so the tree will have a stable structure. I chose to use Fireline. But if you need help with beading threads, check out this website.

In the pattern, I have given you the exact bead colours that I used. But you can choose your own if you prefer.

Experience and Techniques

You are going to be working entirely in Peyote stitch. So, that will be using the tubular and circular variations of the stitch.

The techniques are intermediate level. If this is fairly new to you, you may need to work out a few new things. So, be prepared for a little problem-solving as you go.

As I mentioned at the beginning, the ebook does also explain and demonstrate all the techniques on video. So, you have that additional help available too.